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   We Are The KEY To Your Real Estate Needs!!!

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We are targeting all Belizeans, especially those living abroad, having a desire to build their retirement home, but find it difficult to identify trustworthy and dedicated individuals to supervise their construction.  Individuals who will ensure that works are done as expected and will ensure that all funds are accurately accounted for.


Supervision services includes:


  • Identify and obtain quotations from at least 2 credible contractors for the cost of material and labor
  • Preparation of contract agreement between Contractor and Property owner highlighting works to be done and other contractual clauses
  • Ensure contract agreement is signed by all parties
  • Ensure materials are purchased and delivered to the site on a timely basis
  • Ensure constant supervision of works to ensure that works are being carried out as agreed
  • Provide regular report/updates and photos to property owner
  • Keep accurate records of all expenses receipts to be submitted to the owner upon completion of the project.


!!!We Are The KEY To Your Real Estate Needs!!!

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