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   We Are The KEY To Your Real Estate Needs!!!

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We will create value for the property owner with superb management of rental properties, as well as serving as a facilitator between the tenant and the landlord.  Our quality of service will allow us to give our tenants a better rental experience by creating open and effective lines of communication between themselves and the property manager, as well as courteous, prompt, and professional service to their home.

Our focus is on continual improvement of the value we bring to stakeholders, such as tenants, and especially property owners.  We guarantee that we can do this simply, timely, and cost-effectively.


Property Rental:

Clients has an option to choose the level of service desired.  One can choose:

i)  “Basic Rental Service” -  we'll identify a successful tenant and ensure required deposits are collected and rental agreement signed

ii) “Advance Rental Service” - we'll identify a successful tennant, ensure required deposits are collected and rental agreement signed, and collect rent on a monthly basis

iii) “Premium Rental Service” - which includes the full services..... identifying successful tenants, monthly rent collection, ensure tenants adherence to rental agreement, responding to tenants complaints, and identifying remedial works to be done on the property.



Below is a brief description of the services associated with the Property Management & Maintenance...........


Property Management:

  • Assist with a walk-through evaluation to determine pricing and marketing strategies that best suit your property
  • Attract qualified tenants through proper screening and background checks
  • Collection of rents and deposits, and ensure disbursements of monies collected to the appropriate parties in a timely manner
  • Provide monthly accounting for rental properties
  • Will ensure tenant’s adherence to contract agreement through regular property inspections
  • Provide monthly accounting
  • Enjoy reasonable fees


Property Maintenance & Repairs:

  • Will identify works to be done to keep property intact and marketable
  • Will seek the lowest possible maintenance cost
  • Regular supervision to ensure quality work
  • Will ensure property owners get value for their money


!!!We Are The KEY To Your Real Estate Needs!!!

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